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Home > Door Automation - Accessories > Activ8 - Hybrid Sensor
Activ-8 Hybrid Sensor - An advanced sensor utilizing microwave and infrared technologies in one housing for reliable door activation and threshold protection. Motion detection picks up movement towards and/or away from the door way, whilst overlapping infrared spots protect the threshold using image recognition for any objects in the protected area.  
End of Life” (EOL) process for ACTIV8 and IRIS - We would like to inform you that BEA is planning to implement an “End of Life” (EOL) process for all products in the ACTIV8 and IRIS family, except IRIS ON C. This includes product accessories.

With the launch of the next generation product families, the IXIO and VIO, BEA have decided to discontinue the ACTIV8/IRIS family in order to provide an even more advanced solutions

Below, you will find the BEA products we currently offer which are going to be discontinued, followed by their new replacements:

Discontinued 31st DEC 2013 New Products 1st Jan 2014
The effective date for this “EOL” will be on December 31, 2013. Therefore, the last shipments of ACTIV8 and IRIS products including accessories will be done on December 31, 2013. All orders for these products must be placed before July 31, 2013.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and encourage you to shift to the new IXIO and VIO product family.

Please note that if the “EOL” occurs before the end of the warranty time, we reserve the right to service this warranty with replacement parts.

Image Parts

Accessories Parts
.1. Spare Antenna
.2. Plannar Antenna
.3. IR Unit
.4. Push Button (values/functions) Set up
.5. Narrow Field Front Cover
.6. Wide Field Front Cover
.1. Remote Control
.2. Spot Finder
.3. ACA: Ceiling Mounting
.4. ABA: Mounting Bracket

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