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NHN 510

Economical Door Closer with Accessories.
EN Standard Door Closer.

NHN 510 Series is a slimline closer incorporating the latest production technology.
Available in a range of 3 sizes covering door weights up to 65kg.

  • New peripheral-cam, hold open mechanism
  • Twin door speed controls with separate regulating screws
  • Constant closing speed assured by automatic temperature compensation
Speed Adjustment - There are two speeds - door closing speed and controlled speed. Each is controlled by its own speed regulation screw.

Power Shoe Arm Bracket - Designed to be reversed and increase final closing power by approximatley 25%.

Hold Open Angle - NHN 510 Series door closer is equipped with a serration type hold open device which allows the door to be kept open at any desired angle between 80 and 135 deg.

Non Handed - Easy to install with card template and install instruction. NHN 510 is full non-handed for flexible installation.

Standard Finishes - Sliver, White, Brown, Black or Gold. Other finishes available on request .

- Free replacement ex-works if any closer proved defective by reason either of faulty manufacture or defect in materials.

Model 510
Variable Closing Force Spring Stength (EN) 1 to 3
Standard Doors < 800mm | <40kg 511
< 900mm | < 50kg 512
< 950mm | < 65kg 513
Body Dimension (mm) Length 178
Height 35
Projection 75
Arm Standard Y
Standard Hold Open O
Parallel O
  Parallel (Hold Open) O
Rack & Pinion Y
Power Shoe Arm Bracket Y
Angle of Opening 180
Power Adjustable by Spring Y
Power Adjustable by Position N
Sweep Speed Adjustable Y
Latch Speed Adjustable Y
Hold-Open Built in N
Hold Open Arm O
Back Check Self Regulating N
Adjustable at Valve Y
Delayed Action Adjustable N
Non-Handed Y
With Cover O
Application Regular Y
Parallel Arm O
Transom Y
Y = Yes | N = No | O = Option

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