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NEW - MICOM - EDM 24NII-SL Slim Rail sliding door operator is the perfect solution for a stream lined finish. Equipped with our trademark microprocessor control and powerful motor drive system, EDM 24NII-SL will adapt effortlessly to varied door widths and weight capacities from 90kg up to 240kg x2 leaf.

EDM 24NII-SL is a drive system of modular design capable of covering many application on the basis of just a few components. Providing easy assembly, installation and simple maintenance for enhanced operational cost efficiency.

Ease of Installation
With modular plug-in parts installed directly from the front onto our base rail, any component can be moved during or after installation. Components can also be added or replaced with ease later, therefore time spent on installation or servicing is greatly reduced.
Compact Operating System
Thanks to already slim control box and motor gear design, an 80mm slim cover profile is achieved. Base rail height is 98mm requiring mounting surface less than 100mm.
Full Door Control
Initial door optimization is automatic, all standard parameters (and extension applications) can be adjusted easily utilizing the LED Digital input display provided as standard without the need for a hand held PALM or expensive software. Via the 2 digit LED display, access to operational history, cycle count and error analysis is possible. Door parameter data can be simply reset to default settings when required.
EDM NII Series - Control Panel & Adjustment
  • Activation LED - Flashes Green when activation signal is received
  • Power LED - Red when power is on to operator
  • Digital LED Display - Visual display provided for operational setting and adjustment
  • Buzzer - Audible indication of error status (optional)
  • Exetension Board Indicator - Through this hole, it is possible to identify if an extension card has been fitted
  • Progamme / Run Switch - Utilized to enter the programming mode
  • Programme Buttons - Provides stepped access to parameters, functions, applications and values
  • DIP Switch - Quickly adjust open direction between Right, Left or Double door
EDM NII Series Control Box EDM NII Series Motor Gear

Function & Parameter Adjustment - Microprocessor technology provides exact door control, wide function input options and digital setting adjustment.

Memory - Long term memory retention of operational parameters when mains power is off. Settings can be rewritten up to 1 billion times.

Extended Functions (i.o) - Aside from standard function common to all other sliding door operators, when incorporating expansion (i.o) board, NII Series offers many more door operation possibilities.

Motor - A compact and powerful motor. High speed acceleration and deceleration is controlled at 750mm/s. MICOM enclosed hypoid, brushless motor gear ensures safe and long term reliable operation for enhanced operational cost efficiency.

Self-protection - Should the operator experience excessive resistance due to incorrect installation or misuse, this increased motor resistance will be registered and the system will assume a fail safe state.

Electro-mechanical Locking & Battery (Anti-Panic) Option

Battery - An Anti-panic Battery system is available in several formats providing emergency power in case of power failure such as Battery Open (BO) and Battery Close (BC), with Battery Monitoring System (BMS) is available.

Electromagnetic Locking - EDM NII Electromagnetic locking 'Fail Secure' (LK1) or 'Fail Safe' (LK2) options are available and can be combined with our battery systems to meet safety and security requirements world wide.


EDM 24NII-SL is available as a FULL Kit Operator for assembly locally.

FULL Kit Operator - Lengths from 3m Single leaf up to 6m Double leaf.
Complete with cover and side covers, assembly and wiring requires to be made locally.
Base rail and cover can be cut to size as required.


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