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MICOM - EDM 18E Sliding door operator is our latest model, assembled and supplied from within Europe. EDM-E Series will be continually improved, providing you with the highest quality sliding door operating system from MICOM.

EDM-18E Telecopic and Curved operators are now available. We expect to offer EDM 30E Heavy Model in the very near future.

EDM-E Series offers a host of features and new benefits as summarized below.

EDM 18E Product Features & Benefits
  • Universal power supply 100V-240V-AC (3 pin plug-in)
  • NEW - Accessory wiring interface hub, called 'EMICON'
  • 24V-AC Power output available via EMICON hub
  • Battery and Battery Monitor as standard
  • Safety Monitoring EN 16005 (EN 13849 (DIN18650 / pr EN 12650))
  • Side screen safety in-built as standard
  • 2 Selector switch designs - Rotary key selector as standard or why not upgrade to Digital push button Selector for more options
  • Smooth and Quiet operation
  • 2 Digital LED Display set up with wide door control parameter adjustments
  • Motor Speed 100 ~ 750mm/s
  • Automatic self learning and door optimization
  • Adjustable NO/NC Contacts
  • Simplified parts for quicker, easier assembly and installation
  • Single or double roller hanger bracket available with double retainer
  • Functional housing design
  • Aesthetic and compact cover design
  • Electromagentic Locking (Power Fail Safe & Power Fail Sure) option are available
Ease of Installation
With modular plug-in parts installed directly from the front onto our base rail, any component can be moved during or after installation. Components can added or replaced with ease, therefore time spent on installation or servicing is greatly reduced.
1. 18E Motor Gear Box with Vibration Rubber
2. 18E Control Box with Fixing Plate
3. Emicon plug-in hub with Battery
4. Electromagnetic Lock (option)

5. Belt Link Double (Bi-Part)
6. End Cover - Molded Plastic-Black
7. Idle Pulley

8. 18E Single or Double Roller Bracket
9. Belt Link and Tightening Bracket
End Stopper
Full Door Control
From the very first power on, door optimization is automatic. Utilizing the LED Digital input display provided as standard all parameters can be adjusted easily, without the need for any hand held PALM or expensive software. Access to operational history, cycle count and error analysis is also possible. Door parameter data can be reset to default factory settings with ease.
EDM 18E Control Programming

Operational Programming
> ENTER PROG. - Allows easy access to operational settings
- '+' Operational setting - value can be increase.
- 'RESET' Operation factory settings can be restored

> - TEST
- '-'
Operational setting - value can be decreased.
- 'TEST' Operation can be tested by installer

Activation LED
> INPUT ON - RED LED shows activation signal
Power LED
> POWER ON - RED LED shows system power is on

Monitoring & Safety
Complies with latest EU Standard EN 16005 - Safety Monitoring (EN 13849 (DIN18650 / pr EN 12650)). Whereby before any dangerous movement, the operator communicates with its sensors to ensure door safety at all times.
Together with in-built Battery Monitoring, it is possible to review the battery strength via our LED display to ensure there is sufficient stored energy in case of any emergency situation. In case the battery has reached a low level of stored energy, the door will emit a short beep every 30 seconds and so pedestrian safety is maintained at all times.

Thanks to our new wiring interface hub 'EMICON', installation and wiring of accessories, such as sensors, activation devices and safety beams are quick and easy. With 24VDC output provided to power each accessory individually, there is no need for additional transformers. After installation, plugs are detachable without need to rewire each time..

EMICON - Wiring Interface with Battery Description

1. 24 VAC Power Output
2. Safety Sensor Monitoring
3. Emergency Stop
4. Panic / Emergency Open
5. Night Switch

6. E-Lock
7. Internal Sensor with 24V
8. External Sensor with 24V
9. Safety Sensor with 24V
10. Side Screen Safety with 24V
11. Rotary Selector - A Input
Digital Selector - B Input

Electro-mechanical Locking Option

Electromagnetic locking 'Fail Secure' MRC1 (LK1) or 'Fail Safe' MRC2 (LK2) options are available and can be combined with our battery systems to meet safety and security requirements world wide.

NEW - Selector Switch
A Rotary Key selector is supplied as standard, however a Digital Selector is also available as an upgrade option. EDM 18E will not function without either one of our selectors and is therefore an integral part of our operating system. Connected with only 2 or 4 wires into the EMICON hub, all signals are controlled for greater ease of operation. Selection can be performed by authorized personnel only using secure key provided.
Rotary Key Selector (A) Digital Selector (B - Option)

1. Lock or Off
2. Exit Only
3. Automatic
4. Hold Open

1. Lock or Off
2. Exit Only
3. Entry Only
4. Automatic
5. Hold Open
6. Partial Open

NEW Rail Design
EDM 18E Profile

NEW Rail Profile - Recognizing the need for efficient installation and after maintenance, we have designed EDM-E Series to incorporate features which not only reduce time, but are also aesthetically attractive.

EDM 18-E extruded aluminum housing consists of Base Rail, Cover and Side Covers. Base rail and cover interlock resulting in an open angle set at 60deg. This feature allows efficientcy at work whilst keeping pedestrian safety as our priority.. Side covers are of molded plastic and allowing cover to simply click back into place without need for front or side fixing.


EDM 18E is available as a Complete Pre-assembled Operator or component building KIT.

Complete Pre-assembled Operator - Rail lengths from 3m Single up to 6m Double.
Complete with cover and side covers, all wiring and assembly is made in EUROPE.
Once received, rail and cover can be cut to size as required.

Component Building KIT - As a company already familiar with the manufacturer of doors and aluminum profiles - we offer you the ability to design your own custom operator housing for use with our operating system allowing cost saving at source.


MICOM & NHN are Divisions and Registered Trademarks of Kenwa Co., Ltd. Osaka, Japan. Copyright 2009 www.kenwa.co.jp