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Home > Door Automation - Slide > EDM 18GII / EZ

MICOM - EDM 18GII / EZ - Easy and Economic - Quick to install and setup whilst maintaining high quality performance and long term reliability.

Ease of Installation
With modular plug-in parts installed directly from the front onto our base rail, any component can be moved during or after installation. Components can also be added or replaced with ease later, therefore time spent on installation or servicing is greatly reduced.
1. Idle Pulley & Bracket
2. Belt Link and Tightening Bracket
3. Tooth Belt
4. 18GII/EZ Control Box

5. 18GII/EZ Motor Gear Box
6. Stopper
Base Rail (Cover & Side Cover not shown)

8. Terminal Connector
9. Single / Double Roller Hanger
Power On/Off - Hold Open switch
Full Door Control
Initial door optimization is automatic and parameters can be adjusted easily from the control face utilizing the photometers provided as standard without the need for a hand held PALM or expensive software. Door stroke data can be reset at the touch of a button.
EDM 18GII / EZ - Control Panel & Adjustments
  • Activation LED - Flashes Green when activation signal is received
  • Power LED - Red when power is on to operator
  • Operation Adjustments - , Full door control can be achieved with ease u tilizing 6 adjustment functions:
    1. Open time up to 30 secs
    2. Open speed up to 500mm/s
    3. Close speed up to 500mm/s
    4. Low speed (fine adjustment)
    5. Open break force
    6. Close break force
  • Open Test Button - To check and confirm correct door installation during installation and maintenance
  • Reset Button - Door stroke parameters can be reset during installation or servicing
  • 4 DIP Switch Applications:
    DIP1 - Left/Right or Double Setting
    DIP2 - Motor Torque for heavy or light leaf.
    DIP3 - Press On / Off. Automatically reduces motor vibration
    DIP4 - Electromagnetic Locking Setting
EDM 18GII / EZ Control Box EDM 18GII / EZ Motor Gear

Function & Parameter Adjustment - Microprocessor technology provides simple and quick adjustment for exact door control.

Memory - Long term memory retention of door
operation parameters whilst power is off.

Motor - A compact and powerful motor. High speed acceleration and deceleration is controlled at 500mm/s. MICOM brushless DC motor gear ensures safe and long term reliable operation for enhanced operational cost efficiency.


EDM 18GII / EZ is available as a Complete Pre-assembled Operator or Component Building KIT.

As a Complete Pre-assembled Operator - Rail lengths from 3m Single up to 6m Double.
Complete with cover and side covers, all wiring and assembly is made in Japan.
Rail and cover can be cut to size as required.

As a Component Building KIT - As a company already familiar with the manufacturer of doors and aluminium profiles - we offer you the ability to extrude your own custom design base rail and cover for use with our door operator system allowing cost saving at source. Top>


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