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MICOM EDM MM Series is a Magnetic Linear Operator for automatic sliding doors pioneered in Japan. This is a revolution in new technology consists of 3 base models: MM30, MM50, MM80.

Linear motion is produced by attraction and repulsion of magnets, without the need for a rotary motor, belt and pully. The result is a stunning model, offering silent, smooth and clean door operation.

MICOM MM Magnetic Linear Operator can be applied to many applications, its silent and smooth operation is ideal for use in office and meeting rooms to all manner of partition applications. With our clean technology and no touch operation MM Magnetic Linear systems can be used in all areas og health care and hospital applications, such as intensive care units (ICU) as well as operation theatres, infection barrier door, recovery and treatment rooms to clinics and toilets around the world. As well as factories, restaurants, hotels... the possibilites are endless.
Factories Clean Rooms Office / Meeting Rooms
Ultra Clean
Since many points of friction associated with regular automatic doors are reduced, EDM MM Series has less wearing parts and so produces less dust particles. EDM MM Series will maintain a clean environment being suitable for clean rooms, hospital intensive care facilities, operating theaters, food factories and other locations which are dust and dirt sensitive.
Conventional Motor & Belt Operator
EDM MM Magnetic Linear Operator
A belt is connected to the door and driven by a rotary motor incorporating a pulley system. In this way there are many points of friction, wear and particles thrown out.

The Magnet is fixed onto the door without contact to the electromagnetic motor. The door is operated by attraction and repulsion between magnets, resulting in less points of contact, ware and particle production.

Silent & Smooth
EDM MM Linear magnetic operator will silently glide open and closed. Opening new possibilities in sliding door automation.
EDM MM Linear Door Operator
Telephone Ringing
Quiet Office (Ambient Noise)
Library (Ambient Noise)
* MM50 Factory Tested - 1m from unit
EDM MM Magnetic Linear Operator incorporates an 'Assist' or 'Push & Go' function. By moving the door in the direction of open by hand, it will perform its automatic cycle. Ideal for domestic and health care applications.
Assist Feature - Barrier Free Access

EDM MM Magnetic Linear Operator is constantly monitoring door speed and position. Equipped with a very sensitive touch detection system, should the door hit an obstruction, the force of impact is incredibly light. This is followed by an immediate safety return to ensure pedestrian safety is maintained at all times.

Closing Force & Obstruction Detection Comparison
Standard Belt Drive
EDM MM Series

From Japan - (Available 2010) As a Built-in Pre-assembled Operator, EDM MM50, MM80 & MM100 are available in a range of rail lengths from 3m Single leaf up to 6m Double leaf. Once received, rail can be cut to size.
All wiring and assembly is made in Japan. Standard Voltage 100VAC. Addition of 220V~240VAC / 24VAC Transformer required for other countries.
Supply from Japan is by built-in type without cover.

From Europe - (Available 2012) As a Surface Mounted '80mm Slim Line' Pre-assembled Operator - EDM MM50 & MM80 will be available in a range of rail lengths from 2~4m Single leaf. Accepting 220-240VAC with 24V power output for accessories. All wiring and assembly is made in Europe.


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