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Home > Door Automation - Accessories > Eye Tech - Presence Safety Sensor
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Eye Tech - Active Infrared On-Door Safety - For swing and folding doors. This high performance safety sensor is positioned at the top of the door leaf, providing safety for individuals behind a swinging door, at any time, whatever the door position.

Eye Tech is insensitive to colour variations or reflectivity off the ground. With fast detections response, installation at the top of the door leaf provides safety over the whole height of the door, whilst being easy to install and adjust.


Image & Parts

Sensing Fields
On a Swing Door - Eye Tech provides a safety detection area in front and behind the swinging leaf. Including an extra safety area covering the sharp edge of the door.
On a Balanced Door - Protecting the gap between the closing edge and the frame, eyetech provides reliable safety area protection.
1. Side Covers
2. Profile
3. Connection Kit
4. Slave Unit
5. Master Unit
6. Front Cover

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