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  NEW! KEYLEX 700 - Designed for Euro specification dead latches and profile cycliners, Keylex 700 suites any sash lock with a 70-72mm, 85mm to 92mm center with any backset length. Specify your own lock case or utilise existing lock cases in case of retrofit installations.keylex 700 heavy duty mechanism has passed more than 400,000 general operation factory tests.
Euro type with automatic locking key
  • No electronics or electrical wiring neccessary
  • Code combinations with 12 button and over 4,000 selectable code permutations.
  • Code scrambel allows codes to be entered in any order
  • Slipping clutch mechanism nullifies forced attack or vandalism from the outside
  • Specially processed stainless steel buttons avoid rubbing so not to give away codes
  • Free exit provides escape from the inside without code regardless of lock status
  • Key alike allows single key override to multiple locks
  • Passage function allows free passage from both sides at code uses discression
  • Key Hole Spacing
    Model 22721 : 70~72mm
    Model 22723 : 85mm
    Model 22725 : 92MM

  • Euro profile escutcheons give senble unlocking with a key. Even without knowing the code doors may be unlocked at any time with a key (single or double cylinder)
  • Keyless escutcheons may also be used if required
Euro type without key
Keylex 700
Finish AS (Silver) / AB (Brown)
Material Zinc Alloy
Door thickness 30 ~ 45mm
(45~58mm - 58~70mm)
Type of door handle Knob Lever
Autolock Model Keyless 22779 22729
Key Attached 22771
22773 - 22775
22723 - 22725
Slipping clutch Standard
Change over to free passage Optoinal

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