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Home > Door Automation - Accessories > MICOM Manual Function Selector
MICOM - Manual Function Selector is a door operation selector switch offering 3 door operating modes with night mode and exit push button option. For use with MICOM EDM NII / GII & ECO Series door operators, MICOM - Manual Selector Switch is a surface mounted manual selector switch with simple wiring offering easy installation.

MICOM Manual Function Selector is simple to install and use.

. 1. Closed (Locked Option)
. 2. Exit Only
. 3. Automatic
. 4. Hold Open
. 5. Rotary Knob
. 6. Push Button - Exit (Option Not Shown)

A selection of 3 door operating modes as standard.

In Night mode, door is closed and sensors are turned off. Lock is deactived if installed (Option).

Using the Exit push button option (not shown), in combination with Anti-Panic and battery when there is a power failure or when in Night mode - doors can activated to open (NII Series only).


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