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MICOM Multi-Swing Series is designed to offer multifunction usability across a varied range of applications. Whilst offering barrier free access for all, Multi-Swing not only meets the needs of people with disabilities and the elderly, but is also strong and reliable, providing continuos trouble free operation in high frequency locations. MICOM Multi-Swing is the perfect choice for new and existing buildings, adapting effortlessly to varied requirements and uses. A powerful, yet gentle and friendly door opening solution.


Ease of Installation
With all parts installed directly from the front onto our base rail, components can be fitted easily in place and moved during or after installation. Installation is simple starting with mounting of base rail and control panel together, followed by fitting of motor gear box assembly. The arm is then measured and fitted both to the door and the operator. Additional parts can also be added or replaced later with ease, therefore time spent on installation or servicing is now greatly reduced.
.1. 3 Position Function Switch
.2. Aluminium Cover
.3. Motor Gear Assembly
.4. Motor
.5. Control Assembly
.6. End Cover
.7. Base Rail Mounting
.8. Motor Gear Mount Brkt - Reversible
.9. Non Handed Pivot for Drive Shaft
Latch & Back Check Setting

Multi-Swing is so simple to install in any 1 of 4 configuration. Non-handed application is achieved by rotating the motor gear box in position on the base rail with Left, Right, Push & Pull applications being realized.

Mutli-Swing is supplied with a Push or Pull arm assembly as standard.

PULL (Straight Arm and Track) PUSH (Articualted Arm)
Full Door Control

Unlike other manufacturers using microprocessor settings to establish the open and closed door position. Our simplicity in design ensures minimum problems in operation. Being an electromechanical system, operational setting such as open and close position will never be affected by obstruction or misuse, if for example the door is pushed, pulled or held during it operation. Thanks to our unique micro-switch mechanism, installation, set up and fine adjustment can be made within seconds.

MULTI-SWING Series - Control Panel & Adjustments
  • Programme / Run Switch - For programming adjustments, it is necessary to move switch to 'Program'. Normal operation, switch must be set to 'Run'.
  • Test Button - Test activation is provided for installation and servicing.
  • Digital LED - Using in combination with the 2 button input facility, the Digital LED Display shows parameter settings and adjustments can be made with ease. Digital LED display also indicates power supply to the control system.
  • LED Application - Further operational paramters can be set either On or Off, indicated by this LED.
  • Door Input Plug - Plug and play Latch & Back-check mechanism simply connects with control pannel.
  • Programme Button 1 & 2 - Button No.1 - Pass - Provides stepped access to parameters, functions and applications . Button No.2 - Set - Provides stepped value adjustment of selected operational features as well as cycle counter.
  • Closing Speed - Closing speed is powered by the spring and regulated by motor resistance. Closing Speed setting is by manual adjustment.
  • Overload (Torque) - Adjustment for the amount of pressure with which the door pushes against an obstruction, before cutting off for safety. Overload setting is by manual adjustment.
  • Motor Plug in - Plug and play motor connets with control pannel.
  • Output / Input Terminal - Simple wiring for effecient and quick installation. See Installation manual for detials.
  • Overload LED - Indication of Overload is shown by this helpful LED. Allowing a visual confirmation of correct installation.
Multi-Swing Control Pannel
Multi-Swing Motor Gear Box Assembly

Multi-Swing HA is a Low Energy surface mounted swing door operator, providing safe and controlled access for people with disabilities, the elderly and children alike.

Multi-Swing FA is a Fully Automatic surface mounted swing door operator, which provides trouble free, continuous door operation for high frequency locations.

Function & Parameter Adjustment - Easy signal input wiring with wide parameter options give mutli-functional operation, adaptable to any requirement.

Setup - Door parameters set via 2 digit LED digital display offer a wide range of operational settings and extension applications

Power Supply - AC200-240V (AC220V) 50/60hz

Motor - Engineered to operate in the harshest of environments, Multi-Swing motor gear box assembly is both strong and reliable. Door movement is powered from the near silent gear system, which incorporates a unique one-way clutch mechanism, allowing doors to open manually with incredible ease.

Non-Handed - Multi-Swing can accommodate Left, Right, Push and Pull swing applications with one compact and powerful unit.

Spring Closing - Equipped with an adjustable heavy-duty spring, heavier doors up to 150kg in windy conditions can be realized.

Door Stop - Multi-Swing incorporates an in-built adjustable doorstop, which eliminates the need for external floor stop and also protects from damage in strong wind or other external factors.


Multi-Swing is available as a complete pre-assembled operator complete as either a Single or Double Door configuration. Supplied with push (link) arm or pull (slide) arm. As single door configuration, Being non-handed, all units can be supplied with or without handing specification (Left / Right - Push / Pull).

As a Complete Pre-assembled Operator - Single leaf operators are supplied to size L=610mm as standard. However operator length can be specified size as required. Alternately can be cut to size locally as required.
Units supplied complete with non-handed cover, side covers and 3 position switch (on, off, hold open).

As a Dual Control Double Door Operator - complete door headers can be ordered to size as 1 piece, alternately 2 single operators can be combined with addition of extra rail and cover material, to form a sectional double door header.


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