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NHN Door Control
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Home > Door Automation - Accessories > OA-200 Series - Infrared Sensor
OA-202 OA-203
Near Infrared Reflection Technology
Power Input 12V ~ 24V AC/DC
Output Contact NO / NC - Form C Relay 50V / 0.3A (resistance load)
Detection Area
Width 2.5m x Depth 1.5m
(Mounting Height 2.7m)
Width 2m x Depth 3m
(Mounting Height 3m)
Width 3.1m x 1.8m Depth
(Mounting Height 3m)
Power / Operation Indicator Power LED ON
Operation LED OFF
Power LED ON
Operation LED OFF
Power LED ON Green
Presence LED ON Red
Motion LED ON Orange
Black / Silver
Dip Switch   Snow Mode
Temperature Range
-20C ~ +55C

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