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  MICOM Door Automation
> Slide
> Telescopic
> Curved
> Swing
> Accessories

NHN Slide Door
> NSC Type
> DSC Type
> SCA Type

NHN Door Control
> Hydraulic
> Floor Hinge
> Concealed
> Overhead
> Autohinge

NHN Door Hardware
> Patch Fitting
> Shower Hinge
> Handles
> Locks
> Other hardware

> MM - Magnetic Linear Drive
> EDM-ECO - Econo Slide


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Welcome - Thank you for choosing MICOM-NHN door products and we welcome your enquiry. With strategically located offices world wide, employing highly trained and motivated staff, we are ready to serve you.

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As Daihatsu Mfg Corp., in 1934 we invented and installed the world's first automatic sliding door and in 1939, were the first pioneers to introduce 'Rack & Pinion' technology to door closers. Through our long history of innovation and pioneering spirit, MICOM-NHN has gown to become a brand name with an extremely strong reputation for reliability and quality the world over. Today we continue as Kenwa Co. Ltd., with these qualities at our heart, offering world-class door solutions, namely 'MICOM' sliding and swing door automation and 'NHN' Door Closers.


From a trading company established in 1977, as part of the Daihatsu Mfg Corp. group, representing all aspects of sales and export from Japan, to an international group of companies in its own right today. Kenwa Co. Ltd has been synonymous with advanced technology, quality and reliability of service for over 30 years. Offering a wide range of products through our extensive world network of manufacturing locations and representative offices. We are a recognized world leader in door automation and door hardware through our MICOM-NHN brand


MICOM & NHN are Divisions and Registered Trademarks of Kenwa Co., Ltd. Osaka, Japan. Copyright 2009