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OS12C Safety Beam - Infrared Threshold Protection - An infrared safety beam is projected across the door threshold to provide door safety at all times. Installation and operation is quick and effective. In case of component failure, OS12C will react to keep doors open in the fail-safe position.

Image Installation
Model OS-12C (Receiver box) together with SH-7MC (Sensor Head 7m cable) or SH-10MC (Sensor Head 10m cable) is a miniature photoelectric safety beam system ensuring threshold safety for automatic sliding doors
Easy Installation - No screws are needed to connect wiring to the amplifier. Just press the lever on top of terminals and plug in wires.
Automatic Sensitivity Control - Pressing the 'teach in' button for 1 second, the OS-12C will adjust the sensitivity of the beam automatically to the most suitable level of each installation site.
Quick Maintenance - The LED indicator blinks in case of insufficient sensitivity after set up.

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