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As Daihatsu Mfg Corp., in 1934 we introduced the world’s first semi automatic sliding door closer and in 1939 we pioneered ‘Rack & Pinion’ technology in door closers. In 1977, Kenwa Co. Ltd. was formed and became an integral part of the Daihatsu family, with its aim to expand Daihatsu business world wide. In 1980, NHN Daihatsu, introduced the 1st MICOM DOOR, an innovative and highly reliable automatic sliding doors system. Now 40 years on, our MICOM-NHN door products continue to offer high quality solutions globally.



Established in 1977, as part of the Daihatsu Mfg Corp. group, Kenwa Co. Ltd. represents all aspects of sales and export from Japan and is now part of a international group of companies in its own right. We’re able to deliver a wide range of products through our extensive world network of manufacturing locations and representative offices. Under our MICOM-NHN brand, we manufacture and supply high quality door closers, sliding door closers, automatic sliding doors and many other door hardware items world wide. Thanks to Kenwa Co. Ltd., MICOM-NHN is a recognised world leader in the field of door automation and door hardware.



Representative Office

  • Kenwa Co. Ltd. European Branch Office – U.K – Establishes 2000
  • Kenwa Co. Ltd. Shanghai Office – China – Established 1998
  • Kenwa Co. Ltd. Netherlands Office – Netherlands – Established
  • NHN Closing Solutions – Roosendaal Netherlands

Subsidiary Office

Joint Ventures