Why Choose MICOM-NHN?

Since our foundation our reputation for exceptional customer service and product quality proceeds us. Our philosophy is ‘Quality, Reliability & Trust’. We believe that providing the highest quality products, combined with excellent customer service, will ensure continued success together.

We know continued development is the key to our joint success. We continually reinvest our energy and resources, in close collaboration with our partners, to provide leading innovative solutions to the market.

Partnership Benefits

The benefits for choosing MICOM-NHN products as your preferred partner in door automation and door hardware solutions are many. We are actively looking for new partners and offer many opportunities of co-operation. Whether small, medium or large, our goal is to offer you unbeatable products, first class support and a secure long term partnership. Contact us now.

10 Reasons to Choose MICOM-NHN

  1. Located globally, we are a progressive international company specializing in the manufacture of door products.
  2. The structure and ownership of our company is completely transparent and have been financially stable over the past 3 decades. We are confident that we will capably support you and our products into the future.
  3. We have a long-established trading record and open relationships with all of our distributors and customers based on trust. We work with integrity and honesty.
  4. Economies of scale relating to our organization means that we can offer you, as our new partner, the most economic prices for mutual growth and development.
  1. We are committed to providing premium quality products with premium product support.
  2. A comprehensive spare parts stock is held for immediate availability.
  3. Full manufacturers warranties are standard on all of our systems.
  4. We maintain direct telephone contact or immediate email correspondence without delay.
  5. Intensive product training and support is available without charge with introduction to all our product range.
  6. At MICOM-NHN we listen to our clients.

Our mission is to exceed your expectations by providing the best solution and complete peace of mind with our support.