Ideal concealment of closing mechanism within heavy hollow metal doors up to 200kg.

180° opening without hold open or door stop mechanism.

ModelDoor Size (mm)Door Weight (kg)Closing Force (Nm)Spring Set SystemStop MechanismMax Opening AngleIndicating Label
A-18RRight Opening1800 (max)2400 (max)50 (min)200 (max)41.2Roll-in systemNone180° right or left one-side openingR : Green
L : Yellow
A-18LLeft Opening

External Dimensions & Fitting Diagram




Roll-in System (A-8KH – 35A) 

Hanging and Spring Winding Methods

  1. Make sure that the speed control window and the spring winding window are opened on the door opening side (door pocket side)
  2. Make sure that both the round position of the lower leg and respective base match properly. Only proper positioning make it easy to hang the door in place. In case the rounds are out of position, roll in the spring to set the I-mark in position.
  3. In hanging, insert the lower leg in the receptive base with the door inclined and then stand the door
  4. Make sure that the whole lower leg is in the receptive base and then with the door opened at 90°, centre the top pivot. Use a screwdriver and screw in the shaft height adjusting screw of the top pivot clockwise.
  5. After hanging, roll in the spring with the spring set bar. To wind the spring, roll in the upper spring set seat in the direction of the door opening and insert the set pin into the spring set pin hole given in table (5) below. After then, roll in and set also the lower spring set seat in such a manner as above (only the upper spring set seat for A-8H – A-16H).


Closing Speed Adjustment

  • After hanging the door and setting the spring, insert a screwdriver through the speed control window and turn the speed control gear.  Turning Clockwise = Slower / Turning Counter Clockwise = Faster
  • Turning the speed control gear will not allow vertical movement.
  • The turning limit of the speed control gear are 18 turns.
  • The point where the gear suddenly comes too heavy to turn for both right and left turning is the limit of turning.


Decorated Rubber Plate

Dimensional Drawing

For speed control window

  • Round Type (A-8KH – A-40)


For spring-winding window

  • Square type (A-18, A-22, A26, A-30, A-35A)


Dimensional Drawing of Door Cutout

  • Applicable Models (A-18, A-22, A26, A-30, A-35A, A-40)



measurements : mm

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