Auto Hinge – Centre Hang type are door closing mechanisms hidden within the door panel or frame, ideal for metal/wooden doors or gates.

Centre Hang Auto Hinge is most suitable for use in such places where floor hinges cannot be installed or the arm of a standard door closer becomes an obstacle. Also works well on round shape door frames.

The perfect choice for heavy duty door and gate applications (up to 800kgs/1,760lbs). The fixed base plate securely holds the heavy doors and the receptive base is very easy to install on the floor. With top pivot bracket supplied as standard.

  • Concealed within door panel or frame
  • 40-800kg load capacity
  • Ideal for metal/wooden doors or gates
  • Easy closing speed adjustment
  • Wide range of closing force adjustment
  • Pivot base centred on site with ease
  • An alternative closing solution
  • Outstanding performance
  • Utilised globally


Auto Hinge Centre Hang is most suitable on projects such as large doors, gates, compartment doors, moving screens, fire protection screens and etc…

Constructed with a combination of advanced hydraulic power mechanism and unique spring technology, optimum closing operation can be achieved allowing any swing door to close smoothly, quietly and efficiently.

Offering outstanding performance and durability with over 500,000 or more closing cycles are standard.

A wide range of closing speed adjustments can be achieved by turning the speed control gear to the right or left.

Consideration to ease of installation has been taken with the use of a sliding base. With minimised embedded depth, the base can be centred on site thanks to a sliding seat thus allowing the pivot point to be centred with ease.

When used together with interlocking smoke sensors and combined with an electromagnetic release mechanism. Auto hinge can be employed in the construction of fire protection screens, as a smoke ventilation door or as an air supply door.


Top pivot

  • Can be also installed for left or right handing doors, as well as available for special applications.

Easy closing speed adjustment

  • Able to adjust the closing speed in a wide range by turning the speed control gear right or left also allowing fine adjustment.

Smooth closing

  • Constructed with unique hydraulic control mechanism realizing optimum closing operation. Any door closes smoothly and quietly.

Free closing force adjustment

  • Able to adjust the closing force freely by adjusting the spring
    set seat.

Powerful closing force

  • Has closing force sufficient to meet the size of any door, assuring door closing up it adopts special ladder type spring having been already demonstrated for its
    high pressure.

Easy installation and reduced cost

  • Provided with a very thin fix base plate assuring easy installation on any door and reduces cost.

Sliding receptive base

  • Minimized embedding depth and can be centred on site because of having a slim sliding seat thus assuring easy installation.


Wide range of usability – Designed with a receptive base meeting the requirements of the recent tendency of thinner floor slabs in buildings, this not causing any damage to floor surfaces in installation the auto hinge is most suitable to be used in such places where floor hinges can be hardly installed and the arm of a door closer becomes an obstacle.

Concealed – An enclosed mechanism within the door fabric maintains a clean finish to the door. Constructed for use as an in-built pivot closer allowing easy installation.

Smoke ventilation – Door using Auto hinge centre hung closers can be utilized as a fire door or smoke ventilation door when combined with interlocking smoke detectors with electromagnetic release locking mechanisms.

Chart of Applicable Doors


1. Select an appropriate model according to theah_ch_img_4 dimension (height x width) of the door used (see chart).

2. Make sure that the door weight is in the range of the applicable door (see below) and determine the model.

Note: The chart is drawn up in the condition where wind velocity is 3m/sec as standard. For using a forced (open smoke) ventilation door or any model under a strong wind contact us.


Precautions for Installation

Opening directions of doors

  • Opening directions of door are identified by the seal and marking on the fix base plate )the symbol mark R or L suffixed to the end of the model no.)
  • Make sure that the speed control window and spring-winding window are opened on the door opening side.


Reinforcing the doors to be used

  • Reinforce the doors with reinforced plates and channels plates according the the table below.


Setting the fix base plate

  • Be sure to arrange the receptive base so that the round side of the channel in the seat will come to the Auto Hinge fixture side when the door is closed.
  • Since the seat of the receptive base can slide on the base plate, align it with the top of the pivot using a plumb bob.
  • After the alignment is completed, weld the seat and  the base properly.


Precaution for handling 

  • Do not strike or drop it
  • Do not turn the lower leg
  • Do not joint by welding
  • Do not file the tapered part of the lower leg



Applicable Model

Model No.Door Size Applicable (mm)Door Weight (kg)Standard Closing Force (Nm)Spring Set SystemTop PivotMax opening angle
Width (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)
A-8KH800185036406.9Roll-in SystemN-21B180° Right or Left One-side Opening


  1. Pre-set type can be used as roll-in system by unwinding the spring
  2. Each Auto Hinge (centre hang type) consistis of a main body, a receptive base, a top pivot and a decorated rubber plate.
  3. Stop mechanism is not built in.
  4. There is a spring winding window on both sides from A-8KH to A-16H.

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