MICOM Multi-Swing HA is an Low Energy automatic swing door operator designed to offer long term durability and service. Meeting the needs of people with disabilities and the elderly, providing continuous barrier free access for all.

This powerful and friendly automatic swing door operator is ideal for varied applications, from continuous operation in apartment or office buildings to disabled access in new and existing sites.

This carefully engineered operator offers a slim and compact profile at only 100mm in height. CE, EN16005 & ETL compliant.

Utilising our trademark control layout, together with a proven motor gear system, MICOM Multi-Swing FA is a high quality, yet economical, fully automatic swing door operator solution for assured open and close operation, with a host of features and benefits.

> Quiet and friendly
> Quick setup and installation
> Non-handed application
> 90kg~150kg load capacity
> 0-110 degree opening

> Suitable for low energy use
> Safe & long term operation guaranteed
> Unique clutch gear mechanism
> Ultra-low resistance when opening by hand
> LED Digital control display
> Power input 220-240VAC (50/60hz)
> 24V DC power output for accessories
> Electromagnetic lock & battery options
> Selector function switch supplied as standard
> CE, EN16005 & ETL compliant

Design – Its compact size and aesthetic housing design will compliment any installation project. Designed to automate commercial pedestrian doors of either single of double configuration.

Quality – Utilising our trademark control layout together with functional set-up features and powerful motor gear system, we can automate any swing door with ease. Highly reliable, using only quality electronic parts, MICOM Multi-Swing operators adapt effortlessly to varied door widths and weight capacities.

Installation – Installation is simple and achieved in several steps with all parts installed directly onto the rail, meaning any component can be moved during or after installation. Parts can also be added or replaced with ease, greatly reducing time spent at site. Adjustment can be achieved simply making MICOM Multi-Swing operators quick to install and setup.

Wiring – Quick wiring directly onto the control interface board offers a faster means of accessory connection. Communication of all signals and sensor accessories are monitored, complaint with EU Norm EN16005.

Set-up – Door stroke is set using physical switches to guarantee open and closing positions in any situaiton. There is no need for the operator to re-learn each time there is a problem or when the mains power is turned on.

Parameter Setting – A wide selection of operational parameters are available and can be adjusted to suit individual installations, through the easily accessible LED visual display found on MICOM Multi-Swing control unit. There is no need for a hand held palm or other expensive devices.

Compliance – Designed specifically to meet the highest demands of world safety, MICOM Multi-Swing are CE, EN16005 and ETL compliant. Multi-Swing can also be utilized without monitoring features enabled, accepting all current sensors available in the world market today.

Delivery – MICOM Multi-Swing FA is available from North America as a pre-assembled swing door operator, as either single or double configuration, together with a push or pull arm.

Suitability – Commercial Entrance or Main Door: For installation in Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Apartment builds, Shops and Stores, Liabries, Schools, Office Buildings and Factories.


MICOM Multi-Swing HA (Low Energy) automatic swing door operator can form the basis to any swing door automation solution. A powerful, yet friendly door opening solution, equipped our trademark control layout and proven motor gear system. The perfect choice for new and existing buildings, adapting effortlessly to varied door widths and applications.

This carefully designed low energy automatic swing door operator provides multifunction use and service across a varied range of applications. Gently meeting the needs of our most vulnerable citizens, young and old, providing assured barrier free access.

Ease of Installation

  • With modular plug-in parts installed directly onto our base rail, any component can be fitted easily in place and moved during or after installation. 
  • Installation is simple, starting with mounting of base rail and control unit, followed by fitting of motor gear box assembly. The arm is then measured and fitted both to the door and the operator.
  • Components can added or replaced with ease, therefore time spent on installation or servicing is greatly reduced.


MICOM Multi-Swing HA

  1. Gear box assembly
  2. Motor
  3. Control Unit
  4. End cover
  5. 3 pos. Selector switch
  6. Reversible mount bracket (motor)
  7. Open / closed position limiters
  8. Base rail
  9. Reversible mount bracket (control unit)

Full Door Control

  • Our simplicity in design ensures minimum problems in operation. Being an electromechanical system, operational setting such as open and close position will never be effected by obstruction or mis-use. Thanks to our unique micro-switch mechanism; installation, set up and fine adjustment can be made within seconds. 
  • Utilising the LED Digital input display provided as standard, all parameters can be adjusted easily (without the need for any hand held PALM or expensive software). Access to operational history and cycle count is also possible. Door parameter data can be reset to factory default settings when required.

Control Unit & AdjustmentSWING MULTI_Cbox

  1. Accessory inputs
  2. Test button
  3. Prog / Run switch
  4. Digital LED display
  5. LED application indicator
  6. Power input
  7. Pass
  8. Set
  9. Overload adjustment
  10. Motor connector
  11. Closing speed adjustment

Function Summary

  • Obstruction detection
  • Open Timer (60sec)
  • Open Speed adjustment
  • Close Speed adjustment
  • Open / Close Break Force
  • Open / Close Low Speed
  • Hold Open
  • Manual function
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Push & go (option)
  • In-built door stop
  • Electromagnetic Lock input

Operation Features

  • Input /Output Terminal
    – Activation signal input (Act’n 1)
    – Delayed activation signal input (Act’n 2)
    – Closing door safety input (Safety 1)
    – Opening door safety input  (Safety 2)
    – 3 Position selector switch (Auto/Manual/Open)
    – 24Vdc Power output


  • Test Button – Test activation is provided for installation and servicing.
  • Programme / Run Switch – For programming adjustments, it is necessary to move switch to ‘Program’. Normal operation, switch must be set to ‘Run’.
  • Digital LED – Using in combination with the 2 button input facility, the Digital LED Display shows parameter settings and adjustments can be made with ease. Digital LED display also indicates power supply to the control system.
  • LED Application – Further operational parameters can be set either On or Off, indicated by this LED.
  • Door Input Plug – Plug and play Latch & Back-check mechanism simply connects with control panel.
  • Programme Button 1 & 2
    – Button No.1 – Pass – Provides stepped access to parameters, functions and applications.
    – Button No.2 – Set – Provides stepped value adjustment of selected operational features as well as cycle counter.
  • Closing Speed – Closing speed is powered by the spring and regulated by motor resistance. Closing Speed setting is by manual adjustment.
  • Overload (Torque) – Adjustment for the amount of pressure with which the door pushes against an obstruction, before cutting off for safety. Overload setting is by manual adjustment.
  • Motor Plug in – Plug and play motor connects with control panel.
  • Overload LED – Indication of Overload is shown by this helpful LED, allowing a visual confirmation of correct installation.


Control Unitmultiswing_mg

  • Multi-Swing HA is a Low Energy surface mounted swing
    door operator, providing safe and controlled access for people with disabilities, the elderly and children alike.
  • Function & Parameter Adjustment – Easy signal input wiring with wide parameter options give multi-functional operation, adaptable to any requirement.
  • Set up – Door parameters set via 2 digit LED digital display offer a wide range of operational settings and extension applications
  • Power Supply – AC220-240V (AC220V) 50/60hz

Motor Gear

  • Quality – Engineered to operate in the harshest of multiswing_control
    environments, Multi-Swing HA motor gear box assembly is both strong and reliable. Door movement is powered from the near silent gear system.
  • Multi-Functional – incorporating a unique one-way clutch mechanism, this allows doors to be opened manually with incredible ease.
  • Non-Handed – Accommodating Left, Right, Push and Pull swing applications with one compact and powerful unit.
  • Spring Closing – Equipped with an adjustable heavy-duty spring, heavier doors up to 150kg in windy conditions can be realized.
  • Door Stop – Incorporating an in-built adjustable doorstop, this eliminates the need for external floor stop and also protects from damage in strong wind or other external factors.

Electromagnetic Locking (Option)

  • Multi-Swing HA – Electromagnetic lock input options are available as standard

Battery Back Up (Option)

  • A battery back system is available providing emergency power in case of power failure

Selector Switch

3 position selector switch is supplied as standard mounted on the side cover.

  • I – Hold Open – Door remains open for an unlimited period of time.
  • 0 – Automatic – Normal activation by sensor or push button.
  • II – Manual – Power remains on, door can be opened manually by hand with ease.


MICOM Multi-Swing HA is available from North America in formats as follows:

  • ‘COMPLETE OPERATOR’ – Pre-assembled swing door operator, as either single or double configuration. Supplied with push (link) arm or pull (slide) arm, cover, side covers and 3 position switch (hold open, auto, manual).
  • Being non-handed, all units can be supplied with or without handing specification (Left / Right – Push / Pull).
  • Single leaf operators are supplied to size L=660mm as standard. (Longer operator length can be specified)
  • Double leaf operators can be ordered to size L=-2290mm as standard. (Longer operator length can be specified)
    (Alternately 2 single operators can be combined with addition of extra rail and cover material in the centre, to form 1 double door header)
ModelMulti-Swing HAMulti-Swing FAMulti-Swing FA Heavy
ApplicationLow Energy Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
ClosingSpring Close
Door Weight90kg max150kg max225kg max
Opening angle (max)110 deg (adjustable)
Control systemMicroprocessor with digital control
ArmPush (Link arm) & Pull (Straight arm with slide track)
MotorLow Revolution Brushed DC Motor
Gear AssemblyPlated gear housingCast gear housing
Gear MechanismEnclosed reduction gear with clutch system
Power supply220V ~ 240VAC +/- 10V 50/60Hz 2A
Opening speed15 ~ 75 Deg/sec (adjustable)
Braking pointMicroswitch setting
Close timer0 ~ 60sec (15 step adjustable)
Eliminate door to frame gap Spring tension adjustable by spring
Obstruction detection (without safety sensors)When opening - if the door encounters an obstruction, it stops with light pressure and closes
When closing - if the door encounters an obstruction, it stops with light pressure
Rated operationContinuous opening and closing cycles without heating
Emergency BatteryDoor will still run with battery back up in case of power failure (optional)
E-LockE-Lock power supply (adjustable)
Operating EnvironmentAmbient temperature: -20C ~ +50C (no condensation or icing)
Ambient humidity: 30% ~ 85% (no hazardous materials must be present in the atmosphere)

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