No. 112T Auto Hinge – Flat Type. Used when mounting wooden, aluminium or steel doors to steel frames. For right or left opening up to 40kg max door weight.


No. 122T
Model NumberDoor Size (mm)Door Weight (kg)Closing Force (N-m)Stop MechanismLocation of StopMax OpeningSurface Colour
Right Hand Left Hand WHDAngle
122R-T122L-T900 (max)2100 (max)30 (min)40 (max)10.0XX180° Left or Right
122SR-T122SL-TO85° and 150°
Empty Hinge, 120R-T120L-TXXX

External Dimensions 


























ah_leftandright1. For the blade-fitting place on the frame, a steel plate of over 2.3mm thickness and 300mm length must be used as a reinforcing material.

2. For the blade fitting on the frame, use M6 flat screws. (Avoid installation by welding).
3. For the blade fitting place on the door, use a hard wood such as launan or harder.
4. The door and frame materials to which the hinge is to be fitted should be of
hard wood such as lauan or harder.
5. Allow at least 5mm of space between outer edge of door and frame.
6. Surface treatment is by baked coating of melamine resin.
7. Always allow for a doorstopper to prevent the door from opening wider than 180°.

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