NHN 800 Series is a comprehensive range of hydraulic, power adjustable door closers to suit most applications.

NHN 836 models combine modern aesthetics with functionality. Suitable for door weights from 40kg up to 120kg and a maximum width of 1400mm. These door closers will meet the requirements of most installations. Supplied as standard with back check. Delay action models are also available.

NHN 836 is CE approved to EU directives (89/106/EEC)
by the EN1154:1996/A1:2002/AC:2006 and EN1634-1:2000.

10 year guarantee (subject to correct installation and maintenance)

  • NHN 836 Series offers sizes EN 3-6, spring power adjustable by power adjustment screw.
  • Back check function standard and delayed action function optional available.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy speed and control adjustments by valve screws at the front of the closer body.
  • Slim and modern body.
  • Non-handed applications.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories including stainless steel and brass.
  • RAL9006 finish as standard with others available.



Power size
Door width
Door weight



Closing & latching speed

The closing speed from maximum opening angle to 15° and the latching speed from 15° to 0° can easily be controlled by two independent valves on the top of the closer.NHN Series 800-A


Back-check function

This function is built into the door closer body and checks the outward swing of the door. Most suited where the opening door might hit a wall ie. in a corridor, or where it could injure someone if it opens too quickly.
It is recommended for use on externally opening doors in windy environments.

The back check function is adjustable by valve between 70° and 85°.


NHN Series 800-b


Delayed action function (optional)

This function reduces the closing speed of the door to allow passers-by sufficient time to pass through the door opening i.e. people in wheelchairs, hospital staff with beds, elderly people etc. The maximum delay of 60 seconds is achieved from the 180° (fully open angle) through to 85°.

After which the normal closing process takes effect to +8 provide a secure and complete closure of the door. The duration of the delay can be adjusted via the delayed valve screw located on the front of the closer body.

NHN Series 800-c



For easy adjustment the closing speed screw, the latching speed screw, the back check screw and the delayed action screw (if fitted) are located at the front of the closer body.

The power adjustment screw by no. 800 Series is located at the short side of the closer body. The manual shows the setting and the number of turns required to change the power force of the no. 800 closer body and the right position of the eccentric shoe.

The no. 800 Series door closers are designed to allow a door opening angle of
180o by using butt hinges with a maximum offset of 10mm. Using the door closers in top jamb application, parallel arm application or with hinges with a different offset can limit the maximum opening angle of the door.

It is recommended to fit always a door stop.NHN Series 800-d


800GL Series

The use of a slide arm in combination with a design cover gives a stylish look to the no. 800 Series door closers. The slide arm is also recommended in situations where vandalism often appears.

The slide arm can be fixed on to the front of the door frame for the regular applications, underneath for outswinging door applications or in top jamb application. A hold open unit is available to keep the door open at a desired position.

The no. 836 model with slide arm is suitable for doors up to a weight of 100kg and a width of 1250mm.

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4


Standard installation

Closer mounted hinge side of door.



This illustration shows NHN836 door closer with standard arm in a right hand configuration (DIN L)

Top jamb installation

Closer mounted opposite hinge side of door. Using the door closer in top jamb application might reduce the maximum opening angle of the door.


This illustration shows NHN836 door closer with standard arm in a right hand configuration (DIN L)

Parallel arm installation

Closer mounted opposite hinge side of door. Using the door closer in the parallel arm application with the optional parallel bracket will weaken it by one size. The maximum door opening angle of the door might be reduced.


This illustration shows NHN836P door closer with standard arm and parallel plate in a left hand configuration (DIN R)

Slide arm installation

Closer mounted hinge side of door.

The slide arm includes as standard a hold open device, which can easily be adjusted or removed. The slide arm can also be fitted underneath the top frame for out swinging applications or in top jamb applications.


This illustration shows the NHN836L door closer with slide arm in the right handing configuration (DIN L)

Parallel Bracket

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Conversion Bracket (A)

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Conversion Bracket (B)

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4


PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Hold Open Arm

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Slide Arm

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Arm Link Extened

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Fusible Link

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Drop Plate

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Mounting Plate

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Angle Bracket

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

Glass Door Shoe Bracket

PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4


PANIC DEVICE_series_h1_h4

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