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The new NHN 80V Series offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic, power adjustable door closers to suit all applications.

Incorporating the latest engineering technology NHN 80V Series provides three power adjustable (by allen key) door closers.

Successfully awarded EN1154, EN1634-1 and Certifications, the NHN 80V Series is backed up with a 10 years ‘No Quibble’ guarantee.

Standard Square Body with Cover & Accessories. EN Standard Power Adjustable by Spring EN 1154

  • Three body sizes will cover full door size requirements and applications.
  • Closing Force – Power adjustable by spring to EN1154 size 2-4 for 83v, size 3-6 for 85v and size 6-7 for 87v.
  • Economic – Low inventory costs and reduced stocking requirements thanks to its stream and non-handed design
  • Back Check – Provides a cushioning effect when the door is forcibly thrown open but does not serve as a substitute for a door stop.
  • Delayed Action – Provides prolonged closing time to assist passage of trolley’s, wheel chairs and elderly people etc…
  • Standard Finishes – Sliver, Dark Brown or Gold. Other finished on request available.
  • Guarantee – A free replacement ex-works if any closer proved defective by reason either of faulty manufacture or defect in materials.
83V Series
ENSpring Strength RegularHold Open Back CheckDelayedSlide Arm
2< 850mm | <40kg83v183v83v-BC83v-DA83v-GL
3< 950mm | < 60kg
4<1100mm | <80kgx
85V Series
ENSpring Strength RegularHold Open Back CheckDelayedSlide Arm
4<1100mm | <80kg85v185v85v-BC85v-DA85v-GL
5<1250mm | <100kg
6<1400mm | <120kgx
87V Series
ENSpring Strength RegularHold Open Back CheckDelayedSlide Arm
6<1400mm | <120kg87v187v87v-BC87v-DA87v-GL (EN5-6)
7<1600mm | <140kgx


d.c 80v_img_2


Closing Force Adjustment


  • The position indicated by figure ‘A’ is the standard postion of the eccentric shoe. By turning the show 180° the position shown in figure ‘B’, the door closing force increases about 25% just before the door closes (during last 10°).


Closing Speed Adjustment


Latching Angle Adjustment


Spring Power Adjustmentd.c_80v_pwr-adjst_2

  • Turn the spring adjusting screw clockwise the required number of turns to match the door width as indicated in the chart. Where strong draft resistance exists increase the spring power as needed.


Model / ApplicationSize (EN)No.of TurnsDirectionMax. Opening Angle
85v Fixing Pos.130*180°
85v Fixing Pos.250*180°

Latching Function (standard)

  • This function increases the door closing speed in thed.c_80v_adjust_1 last 0 – 2° before the fully closed position, ensuring quick and complete door closure. This function is most useful with an airtight door or with a door with a tight latch.
  • The latch angle is factory set at 0°, turn the link counter-clockwise about 4 turns (this extends the link) and a latch angle of 2° is obtained.


Back-check Function (optional)

  • If a gust of wind or other strong force hits the door in d.c_80v_adjust_2the opening direction, it can damage the wall or cause injury to people.
  • The back-check function works within the door opening range 70° – 85° to 180°. The back-check power can be adjusted with the back-check valve.


Delayed Door Closing Function (optional)

  • This function holds the door open temporarily and d.c_80v_adjust_3resumes its regular closing sequence after the delayed closing area. It facilitates passage with a wheelchair or stretcher etc…
  • The delayed door closing action takes effect all the way from 180° – 85°. door opening.
  • The closing area can be adjusted with the delay closing valve. The maximum closing time from 180° opening to 85° is 90sec. when the delay valve is fully screwed in.

Standard Installation


d.c-80v_install_1d.c-80v_install_2 d.c-80v_install_3













85v Fixing Pos.1282210552685552
85v Fixing Pos.290

Top Jamb Installation

















85v Fixing Pos.1282902682105552
85v Fixing Pos.290

 Parallel Arm Installation

d.c-80v_install_7 d.c-80v_install_8 d.c-80v_install_9















85v / 87v 13970268442825552

Slide Arm Installation

d.c-80v_install_11 d.c-80v_install_12 d.c-80v_install_10











85v / 87v 1082685552


Parallel Bracket (A)d.c-80v_accessories_5

Parallel Bracket (B)




Slide Arm


Hold Open Arm


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