NSC-C2525 is a next generation of sliding door closer for heavy sliding doors up to 250kg.

Heavy sliding panels can be opened manually, where upon a closing spring with return the panel back to its closed position with a soft closing action.

Closing speed is controlled during the full travel of the door with a slow and cushioned close, preventing accidents or damage. Compact in size, controlled heavy duty in performance is assured.

  • Compact in size.
  • Controlled heavy duty in performance.
  • Infinite fluid friction resistance system ensures long life
  • Conversion to right and left hand opening by simple adjustment
  • Easy to install and adjust with a single screwdriver
  • Closing speed is controlled at any position (Pat P)






ModelHorizontal Type
Applicable doorWeight (kg)150 - 250
Width (mm)900 - 16001600 - 2500
Max stroke (mm)2400
Control deviceSC-C25
Closing drive systemSpring type
Controlling systemFluid friction resistance
DurabilityMore than 2,000,000 open and close cycles
Initial opening force (N)31.4 (Door weight 150kg) / 33.1 (Door weight 200kg) / 36.5 (Door weight 250kg)
Controlling time7 - 11 (Door opening distance is 1,000mm)
Pull springPS-25
Rail length (m)3.14.9

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