PDC-100 Pivot Door Closers are the first in NHN’s next generation of hidden door closers.

Suitable for 8-13mm thick glass doors

Incorporating the latest cam type technology, PDC-100 pivot door closers offer easy opening with increased efficiency on the closing torque. The closing speed is easily adjustable via two independent adjustment valves.

PDC-100 is a high performance, slim line closer with easy installation, reducing cost and time as there is no floor preparation required.



  • Suitable for 8-13mm thick glass doors
  • Maximum door 100kg
  • Suitable for double action doors.
  • Applicable max door 750 – 1000mm wide
  • Non handed, quick and easy installation
  • Low opening resistance and high closing efficiency
  • Simple final adjustment
  • Ambient temperature -20°C to 50°C
  • Satin and Polished stainless steel (other finishes available on request)
  • Complete with top pivot set.
  • With or without hold open at 90°
  • 5 year guarantee against factory fault.

Model No. FunctionDoor Width Door Weight Max Opening Angle
PDC100Non-Hold Open1000mm100kg150°
PDC100SHold Open (90°)90°








Double actionPDC100W_img_4

Non hold open model PDC100 has a maximum opening angle of 150°

Hold open model PDC100S has a hold open position and maximum opening angle of 90°.





Two speed adjustmentpdc_100_2

Closing speed (150° – 10°)

Latch Speed (10° – 0°)






Providing over 70% efficiency, the NHN PDC100

combines light opening with smooth closing.

Top Pivot Option

TP1 Top Pivot


TP2 Top Pivot


Patch Fitting Option

KPF-1 Corner Patch


KPF-2 Top Patch


KPF-4 Wall Mounted Transom Patch


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