VIO-D is an opening and safety sensor for automatic sliding doors offering substantial protection of individuals, designed specifically to meet the highest standard in the world market, VIO-D is EN16005 compliant.

Utilising unidirectional opening technology picking up movement of approaching objects, whilst monitoring the safety of individuals thanks to the two 24-infrared spot failsafe curtains.

VIO-D combines a motion radar sensor for opening the door with a double failsafe active infrared curtain for the protection of users, in accordance with the EN 16005 standard.

> Simple adjustments using DIP-Switches
> High protection of individuals, thanks to the two 24-infrared spot failsafe curtains (EN 16005)
> Optimum performance thanks to high levels of active, self-adapting infrared immunity.
> Adjustment of the infrared curtain width with the prisms. (curtains of 12 or 24 spots depending on the prism used)
> Mounting height of up to 3 metres.

Design – Improvement of the energy performances of buildings thanks to the unidirectional VIO-DT1, which detects approaching movements and filters out movements moving away: the door closes earlier and reduces heat loss.

Quality – High level of stability and reliability of the detection area thanks to the planar antenna developed by BEA.

Opening – “Unidirectional” movement for opening (detects approaching objects)

Safety – Substantial protection of individuals thanks to the two 24-infrared spot failsafe curtains (EN 16005).

Installation – Adjustment of the field size from 1x1m to 2x4m area using a potentiometer. With vertical adjustment of the antenna extending the sensing field out 3m from the door. Positioning adjustment of the infrared safety curtains with adjustment using screwdriver.

Compliance – Designed specifically to meet the highest demands of the world market, VIO-D is EN16005 compliant.

Reliable – The features of VIO-D make it the perfect choice, whatever the ambient conditions (snow, rain) and the expectations of the end users. Wide detection area gives high user comfort and safety with good detection of approaching lateral movements.

Suitability – A wall, ceiling or transom mounted motion radar detection sensor with active infrared curtain, ideal for use in Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Shops and Stores, Liabries, Schools, Office Buildings and Factories.


VIO-D is an opening and safety sensor for automatic sliding doors. Combining a motion radar sensor for opening the door with a double failsafe active infrared curtain for the protection of users, in accordance with the EN 16005 standard.

Ease of Installation

  • VIO-D is installed directly onto to operator cover directly above the door opening. Its is quick to install and set up, therefore time spent on the installation is greatly reduced. Settings are economical using DIP-switches to adjust for the critical environment and standard environment. Easy positioning and localising of the infrared curtains are simple thanks to mechanical adjustments and the spot finder.

VIO parts


  1. Cover
  2. Radar antenna (wide field)
  3. Radar field size adjustment
  4. IR-prisim (2m)
  5. Main connector
  6. IR-angle adjustment
  7. Push button for setup or DIP-setting confirmation
  8. DIP-switch


  • Simple adjustments using DIP-Switches and potentiometer.
  • The unidirectionality of the VIO-DT1 enables energy savings to be made within the building. The door closes sooner and reduces thermal losses.
  • High levels of active infrared immunity.


Opening and closing the door is controlled by a unidirectional radar and safety is ensured by the two 24-infrared spot failsafe curtains. With stability of detection in sensitive areas to ensure VIO-D gives assured reliability and safety.

  • Microwave doppler radar
  • Active infrared with background analysis


Activation and safety of single and double, telescopic and curved automatic sliding doors.

  • VIO-DT1 : unidirectional monitored dual sensor, PL-C
  • VIO-DT2 : bidirectional monitored dual sensor, PL-C

Detection AreaVIO-D detection


  • Radar motion detention area of 4m x 2m (wide) is achieved.
  • Infrared safety curtain of 2.2m x 25cm @ 2.2m (height).








VIO-D accessories


  1. Spot finder
  2. Rain accessory
  3. Mounting accessory





Supply voltage12V - 30V DC -5%/+10%
Power consumption< 2.2W
OutputSolid-state-relay (free of potential, free of polarity)
Max. contact current: 100 mA
Mounting height1.8m - 3m
Temperature range-25 °C to +55 °C; 0-95% relative humidity, non condensing
Expected life time70 years
Detection modeActivationSafety Curtain
Min detection speed: 5cm/s
Typical response time: < 256ms
TechnologyMicrowave doppler radarActive infrared with background analysis
AngleFrom 15 - 50deg vertical (adjustment)From -4 - +4deg (adjustable)
Hold time output signal0.5s0.3 to 1s (not adjustable)

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