Proven the world over. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, NHN door closers combine efficiency, functionality and quality across its range.

  • NHN 80V Series

    A slim and modern design with adjustable closing force of EN2-7 conforming to EN1154 with CE mark. Available in a range of models for various door types.

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  • NHN 510 Series

    A proven door closer. Economical in design and cost NHN 510 Series offers 3 sizes with various functions. EN Standard Closer up to 65kg.

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  • NHN 480 SERIES

    The next generation of NHN door closers. A slimline overhead design offering sizes EN 2-4 conforming to EN1154 with CE mark. Controlled closing with various features.

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  • NHN 800 SERIES

    NHN 836 models combine modern aesthetics with functionality. Suitable for door weights from 40kg up to 120kg and a maximum width of 1400mm.

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